Monday, June 2, 2008


The Landmannalaugar area is famous for its incredible natural beauty. The area consists of more geological elements than you can count, but more obvious are the rhyolite mountains and vast lava fields, rising up right by the mountain hut. The many mountains around come in all the world's colours; pink, brown, green, yellow, blue, purple, black, white and more, the most notable mountains being Bláhnjúkur (Blue peak) and Brennisteinsalda (Sulphur dune).
Right by the hut and the lava field there is a hot natural pool, which is in fact a naturally heated stream, blocked with rocks and wood so that it forms a pool. People can bathe here and are there showers and
toilets nearby, as well as a place to leave your towel right by the pool.
In Landmannalaugar you can also ride an
Icelandic horse, for shorter or longer rides. The horse riding trips takes you places which can often be difficult to access on foot and not permitted by car as there are no official roads, as an example into Jökulgil. From late June and through the summer, a couple from the Westfjords come and serve food and coffee to travelers in their green bus-shop, Fjallafang, as well as selling other things useful to travelers. Landmannalaugar is the usual starting point for the famous 4 day long hiking trail aptly called Laugavegur.

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