Monday, February 27, 2012

Are you adventurer

Greenland is in fact a world of its own. Icebergs and the inland ice are probably the most famous aspects of the Greenlandic nature. Massive icebergs in unbelievable shapes of blue and white float on the deep blue sea. The internal ice - a truly unfathomable sheet of ice, kilometers thick, which seems frozen hard and immovable but, as the loud and creaking reveals, is in fact under constant movement and change.
Greenland is also about green mountains with beautiful flowers, long fjords, steep cliffs, hot springs and fresh air. It is not just people who enjoy living here. Animals also prosper here - at sea and land - reindeer, seals, musk oxen, whales, polar bears.
Greenland is a paradise for anglers . The Arctic char is common in most rivers and if you fish from a boat at sea or on a fjord, you may be able to hook a halibut several meters long or a record-size catfish.
Greenland is also hunting paradise, here we have exclusive hunting area of 500 square Kilometers. Our Caribou quota is every season 200 trophy bulls. Our one of kind programs have become popular and they are fast becoming a firm favourite amongst our clients. Our Caribou hunters have been returning full of praise for what they have experienced there.

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