Monday, February 27, 2012

Searun Arctic Char fishing in Greenland.

Greenland is the wildest place on earth for char fishing. This is the biggest island in the world, and in fact one of biggest countries as well. Greenland is inhabited with only 55.000 people, sharing thousands of rivers and lakes, full of Arctic Char. This means that many of those fishing areas are hardly fished at all, some rivers have not seen an angler - ever. You will catch Searun Arctic Char from 1 – 7 lbs. The fishing is on a vouluntary catch and release basis, but you will appreciate this high quality fish on the BBQ as often as you like.
Fish are plentiful but the season is very short. You have to be there at the right time of year. The best time is from middle of July until mid September. We fly you in through Iceland and you have the option of either a 5 day tour or an 8 day tour. Friday – Tuesday or Friday – Friday.
Our camp in Greenland is a basic adventure, outdoor camp. It is one of a kind, sitting in the unspoiled nature, where you are completely alone in the wilderness. The camp consists of 12 twin bed cabins. In the center of the cabin area is an outdoor BBQ and dining facilities under a roof. There youwill enjoy sitting around a fireplace, sharing tactics and swapping stories. The camp is designed and built to create the exact atmosphere of being in the middle of the wilderness of Greenland. It is not a luxury camp but it serves your basic needs. A comfortable bed, outdoor showers and toilets.
Greenland char run between 1 lbs. and 7lbs, but we've caught a few weighing close to 10 lbs. We have a vast hunting concession in the south of Greenland, which offers endless fishing opportunities on hundreds of rivers and lakes.
They are free takers of both streamers and nymphs. Bright flies with orange or magenta in the dressing are most effective. You have to be well prepared for good long walks in Greenland Wilderness.
Arctic Char is very tasteful fish , ideal on the evening BBQ, just with butter and potatoes. By mid July the rivers and lakes are full of fish. August is a more comfortable time to fish as the mosquitoes are beginning to die off.
Endless fishing areas from along the coast to the endless rivers and lakes.
The lakes, that connect to the ocean by clear rivers, provide the best fishing, but the fjords are also extremely productive in the early part of the season.
5 days trip Friday to Tuesday June - September.
8 days trip Friday to Friday June - September.


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