Monday, February 27, 2012

Hunting in Greenland

Hunting in Greenland Reindeer - Musk Ox - Ptarmigan - Eider Ducks - Seals - Arctic Hears.
Greenland is a hunting paradise, here we have exclusive hunting area of 500 square Kilometers. Our Caribou quota is every season 200 trophy bulls. Our one of kind programs have become popular and they are fast becoming a firm favourite amongst our clients. Our Caribou hunters have been returning full of praise for what they have experienced there.
New for 2012 , we are the first outfitter in Greenland to build a proper hunting camp. We are building 12 comfortable twin sleeping cabins. There we will create a very special atmosphere, there will be a large get-to-gether place in the middle of the camp where the sitting area and dining area will be located all around fire place. This will be the cooking area as well, both charcoal- and gas BBQ. There will be running water and warm showers. You can be sure that you will experience the true feeling of beeing an adventurous outdoor person in this camp. In the evenings if you feel like there is only few hundred meters to the next fishing place, if you want to have a little moment with your self with a rod in your hand. The Arctic Char tastes great on the Grill! Meals in the camp will be mostly from the local nature, that is Caribou meet , fresh Arcic Char and fresh fish from the sea, basic but very tasteful and healthy.
Going hunting Caribou in Greenland you have the choice of hunting Musk Ox as well, Arctic Hare, Seals, Ptarmigan and Marine Birds. This will keep you very busy for the whole week, and if you still have a little bit of time you grab some of our fishing rods and you go fishing for the Searun Arctic Char. Bow hunters will find Greenland extremely interesting as the landscape is made for bow hunters, canyons, big rocks, hides that allow bow hunters to get carefully very close to the animals.
We have a vast hunting concession in the south of Greenland, whitch also offers endless fishing opportunities on hundreds of rivers and lakes. Some times even in the river mouths when the char run up the rivers. Those lakes connected to the ocean by clear rivers provide the best fishing, but the fjords are also extremely productive in the early part of the season. Char start to gather in the fjords near the river mouths in early July and begin to move into the rivers by mid-month.
5 days trip Friday to Tuesday July - September.
8 days trip Friday to Friday July - September.

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